2007 Jetta
A walk through of a premium detail of a 2007 Jetta
As it arrived:
The swirls could be seen through the grime:
Washing panel by panel with Optimum No Rinse:
Interior before:
Interior after vacuuming, wipedown with
Meguiar's APC and spot shampooing:
Swirls and micromarring all over:
Claybar after t pass, I had to clay the vehicle twice.
Taping off the trim.
Results from 1 pass of Menzerna IP on a
rotary at 1800 rpm.
Results of IP pass and Menz Micro
Polish Pass at 1400 rpm. (x2)
End result of polishing steps:
After a DA pass of Meguiars #66 and 2 coats of #21.